painting-01One of the research fields linked to Selfica is that of the "Selfic Painting" of Oberto Airaudi—the Founder of Damanhur. In this case "intelligent" energies are conducted through two-dimensional forms based on signs and colors. Selfic paintings have an aura, which projects in the space around them, and corresponds to their size.

In Selfic Painting the metals used in "classic" Selfica are translated into colous and their three-dimensions into two.

Selfic paintings are kept active through the use of light and the attention of observers. The colors,  shapes and signs are alive, animate and in constant transformation. They project signals and information into the surrounding environment and toward their users.

The key for reading a Selfic painting is given by the combination of colors, signs and title—always expressed in poetic form.

Almost all Selfic paintings show different characteristics if seen in various kinds of light; for example daylight and ultra-violet light reveal different layers and meanings in each painting.

Paintings placed alongside one another create alternative effects to a single painting because they live in symbiosis and interact with one another.

The paintings call upon the observer to be directly involved in their reading and interpretation through sensorial and rational experience. They can provoke dreams, facilitate new insights and awake dormant potential.