One of the most interesting research fields that Damanhur has developed is that of ‘Selfica,’ a discipline that creates structures to concentrate and direct vital and intelligent energies, that is energies able to interact with the environment and with human beings. There are traces of Selfica applications in the Egyptian, Etruscan, Celtic and Minoan cultures. Ancient myths have it that Selfica was widely used also in the fabled Atlantis.
Through Selfica, it is possible to create devices based on the spiral form and the use of metals, colors, special inks and minerals that act as conduits for "intelligent" energies, border forces that can act as intermediaries between different planes of existence.
Building a Selfic structure is like making a ‘body’ for the Selfic energy to use. The intelligence of the Self is the energy that manages the physical part of the structure.
Modern science has demonstrated that at the basis of matter, nothing material really exists, but rather interactions of energies that are constantly connected to one another based on resonance. On a quantum level, atoms are not composed of physical particles, but rather vortices of energy in relationship to each other. Everything that exists in the universe is interconnected, within the same energy field.

Every living being and object that exists in the universe emits and  receives energy, entering into relation with the others and the environment. This interaction can be positive – constructive interference, or detrimental to life and development – destructive interference.

The interaction of a Self with individuals is always based upon reciprocal advantage. For this reason, Selfs can be considered specialized symbionts. The Self selects useful conditions for physical life or for the development of personal potential, connecting to the energy field through the ‘microlines’, the energy lines of the human body. The ‘intelligent’ energy of the Selfic structure selects, harmonizes and amplifies the most useful energetic frequencies to carry out the functions for which it was built.

In exchange, the Selfic intelligence can participate in a realm of space-time characterized by laws that are different from those of its origins.

The largest Selfic structure in the world is contained within the Temples of Humankind, a great underground work of art built by the citizens of the Federation of Damanhur. Amongst the main functions of the Selfic implants of the Temples, they make the halls the ideal place to interact with divine forces for the evolution of humanity has a whole. The use of the Selfic structures in the Temples has allowed for new research developments in the field of health and exploration of time and space.