Selfic "Slittino"

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An ideal accompaniment to the Stiloself, the selfic Slittino is used both as an energetic tracer and as a small hammer.It can be used with or without its gold and silver "antennae". It has many uses, of which the main ones are:

1. When it is used along or near the body using the antennae, the Slittino interweaves the bodys' subtle parts, repairing the aura and the body's energetic structures. This intervention means that the vital energies that are contained and emitted by the system last longer.

2. Passed on the body, without its antennae, it creates energetic lines on the surface, which in the subsequent three days, enter deep inside the body and become the preferential channels for the flow of information from the Stiloself.

3. It is effective to disperseintense localized pain or, conversely, to concentrate energy in a specific point.

4. The little 'hammer' part of the Slittino is used to diffuse sound frequencies throughout the body by using the bones as a resonating chamber.




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