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The most versatile and complex structure for personal and group use. Comprising of a selfic part in different metals, including copper and gold – and a sphere containing special alchemical liquid, the Spheroself's extraordinary capacities can be used in any field for which it is programmed.

The Spheroself establishes a symbiotic relationship and communicates with the people to whom it is linked, attracting propitious events for a harmonious life and enriching occasions for growth.

The Spheroself interacts with the environment in which it is positioned, creating a "sphere" of protection for those around it. Every Spheroself can be used by its owner to consciously direct events and propitiate positive situations.

The Spheroself can be programmed in many different ways according to the choice of the user.

The Spheroself can be activated at different stages of complexity. According to the owner's needs, the basic model can be enhanced energetically and its variety of functions can be increased.




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