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One of the Spheroself's 'accessories' in the therapeutic field, the Stiloself is an extraordinary healing instrument for working on the body. It can act from macroscopic to DNA levels, on the mind and on the 'subtle' structures of the human being. The result of many years of research, the Stiloself is now used by a growing number of therapists all over the world.

Comprising a gold body and a head with selfic microcircuits, the Stiloself works at different depths in the organs and systems of the human body depending on how it is positioned and whether or not it is in contact with the skin. The Stiloself develops a communicative relationship with the therapist, often 'guiding the therapists hand' and increasing empathy to bring about effective intervention. The intelligence of the Stiloself travels through the organs and body systems supplying the necessary information needed to restore balance. It encourages the body to re-programme itself to function normally.

Each Stiloself is able to 'learn' and increase its efficiency with every use. Also thanks to its connection with a Spheroself and its supportive complexity, every Stiloself 'networks' with every other Stiloself being used on the planet. In this way it takes on information about pathologies that it has never treated directly, but which have been cured by other selfic instruments.

The Stiloself is very useful in the treatment of cephalea, cervical neck pain, lumbar pain, sciatica, arthritis, of the joints, tendonitis, neuralgia, stomach disorders, irritated colon, haemorrhoids, dysmenorrhoea and pathologies of the menstrual cycle. It can be used to assist relief in many serious illnesses such as pain caused by bone metastasis or to control the increase of benign growths such as lymphoma, fibrosis, and ovarian cysts. It helps in resolving small skin imperfections, marks, warts, damaged capillaries and the general repair of skin tissues. It has a sedative, quietening effect that encourages concentration and memory. Finally it facilitates the activation of latent faculties in the individual – physical, mental and extra-sensory.

The Stiloself can also be used for self- healing.


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